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Feel the immensity of the nature. Trek through rugged mountain sceneries, rushing rivers, lush forests and along alpine lakes. Climb mountain passes and enjoy the beautiful views. Encounter the remains of a forgotten monastery. Pass by herds of cows, yaks, horses, camels and flocks of sheep and goats. Visit some herders' families on the way, experience their hospitality and get a glimpse of the traditional way of living of remote families.

Those unforgettable trekking adventures through Mongolia's remote regions offer the trekker an unequalled experience of freedom.

Well-organised logistical support make our tours accessible to most.



We offer following trekking expeditions:

06 days - Trekking in the Khentii Mountains

10 days - Trekking in the Khentii Mountains

15 days - Trekking in the Khentii Mountains

15 days - Trekking in the Eight Lakes Region

15 days - Trekking in the White Lake Region

22 days - Trekking in Central Mongolia and the Desert

24 days - Trekking With the Eagles

28 days - Trekking in the Altai Mountains

All tours can be customised.



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