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Where is Mongolia? Is Mongolia a good fishing place? What fish do we catch there?

You might have many question regarding fishing in Mongolia. Normal, who heard about Mongolia before as a fishing destination? We are here and we can assure you that Mongolia is indeed the ultimate in exotic fly fishing adventures.

Yes Mongolia is an excellent fly fishing destination. You, the experienced fisher, will have to come once in your life to Mongolia and fish the Mongolian Rivers.

Just picture a scene of open plains with rolling hills and free flowing rivers, so large that it stretches out over three drainage systems, one draining to the Arctic Ocean (north), one draining to the Pacific Ocean (east) and one draining to the enclosed Central Asian basin (south). Mongolia has over 3500 rivers and more than 35 lakes - all totally unspoilt and unpolluted, populated by a wide variety of fish such as the Tiamen, Lenok, Grayling, Pike, Sturgeon, etc.

The main fishing challenge is catching a Tiamen, one of the largest, if not the largest Salmonoid which often reaches 1,5 metres in length. Relatives of both trout and salmon, the taimen are ferocious predators. You will find them lying at the bottom of a pool waiting to intercept any hapless mammals or birds that have been swept away with the stream.

The Taimen possess a decided affinity for the dry fly. In the evening cast mice imitations!

Highlights of fishing in Mongolia include the clear rivers, abundant fish, tranquil fishing, stunning surroundings and unique culture.

Our experienced staff will guide you to the different spots along the river, where you can catch the smaller species or the larger ones. Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or you live to fish, our tours will meet your fishing expectations. Well-organised logistical supports make our tours accessible to most.

Travel & Trips to Mongolia - mountain bike - cycle - cycling


We offer following fishing expeditions:

08 days - Fishing in the Kherlen River at Mongonmorit (ger camp or tented camp)

12 days - Fishing the Onon River (tented camp)

13 days - Fishing the Tariat Gorges and Chuluut River (ger camp)

15 days - Fishing the Tiamen in Central Mongolia (tented camp)

15 days - Fishing the Taimen with the Tsaatan People (ger camp)

15 days - Fishing the Taimen in Northern Mongolia, Eg, Selenge Chuluut, Bugsey, Delgermoron & Ider River (ger camp)

All tours can be customised.

Travel & Trips to Mongolia - mountain bike - cycle - cycling



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