Local Product Shop

local product shop

Those products made by locals in Tunchel for sale to bring more income to locals & continue a NGO projects. Our felt products are unique & designed  according ancient Monoglian beliefs of Eternal Blue Sky. We focus to train locals for hand crafts by using natural source of materials from Tunchel to build up souvenirs from Tunchel to sale to tourists.

mongolian dream cather

Triangle- It brings & keep a energy inside.

Blue-Eternal Blue Sky ( wool to bring energy)

White: Angelic World (Thune to sleep well)

Green: World of Our Planet (Wheat for mother earth)

Yellow: World of Death (garlic to protect

Red-World of Fire ( barley to growing up)

Ritual: Father whisper baby’s name into a Fox on a  Fire Flame to pray and ask a protection from a all harmful spirit from above FIVE WORLDS for a good sleep in a day and night from a Fox who is  spirit of Moon) for his new born baby.

Use: Hang above a baby while sleeping or playing until baby become comfortable to sleep. After use, a father burn it in fire with his gratitude an Thanks to ask from a Fire to continue to protect & bless his child.

meditation mat

Mongolia has very long time history for the felt carpet. Felt carpet is not only warm and has  very  charming and calming aspect for user. Using the Mongolian carpet tradition and combined with the Mulahadra (Root chakra) symbols it is perfect place to resource you. If you feel: insecure, fear, unstable, low self-esteem. anemia, over/underweight, constipation it is good to sit on this meditation mat and it will help you and become: secure, modest, grounded, stable, energetic, optimal weight, healthy eating, proper elimination.

felt slipper

Mongolian felt slippers made out of handmade felt, cowhide as the durable sole and embroidered them with authentic Mongolian patterns. The felt is from 100% natural wool, self cleaning, durable, breathable and non sweat.


Танд хүрч буй энэхүү 450гр балыг гарган авахын тулд 1150 гаруй ширхэг зөгийнүүд маань 180,200 орчим км газарт нисч Мангир, Туйплан, Хөвөнт, Боролзгоно, Багваахай, Таана, Сөд өвс гэх мэт 4,5 сая орчим байгалийн олон цэцгийн тоос хүртэж балт гүеэгээрээ бал болгон гаргаж түүнийгээ хэдэн 100н мянгаараа нийлэн өдөр шөнөгүй далавчаараа сэвэн бал болгон гаргадаг юм шүү. Price: 33,000 MNT. Only delivery in Ulaanbaatar.


Fresh milk & other diary products available to buy on the spot. No Delivery

Delivery. We delivery b DHL once payment arrived. DHL will takes 305 working days to arrive in your home address.