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1st day

We leave Ulan Bator very early in the morning and we will cover more than 10 hours driving to reach in the late evening our canoeing expedition starting point.

2nd day

Our first canoeing day will be quite relaxed. We will get customised to our canoes. The landscape around us is still flat and we will see some families living along the shores of the river.

3rd until 5th day

We're now at the very heart of the canyon. Left and right of us we'll see steep mountain flanks.

The rapids we are navigating are of a varying degree of difficulty. The majority the rapids can be passed by canoe but for some rapids we will need to get off the canoe and shove them.

6th and 7th day

The worst of the rapids are over and now the slopes surrounding us are getting gentler. Still we'll traverse a magnificent landscape with steep rocky mountain sides and majestic fascinating stretches where the river has created its own way.

  8th day

We're getting back into inhabited territory and meet nomads grazing their flock by the river. Towards the very end we'll see traces of a nearby Soviet ghost town ' a military city of once 15 000 inhabitants with paved roads a.s.o but now completely abandoned.

9th day

Today we will leave early to drive back to Ulaanbaatar.

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We offer 3 different price categories for our tours:

  • Budget Trips: tented camp, cook, food, guide, Russian mini van

  • Normal Trips: ger camp stay with food, guide, Russian mini van

  • Luxury Trips: ger camp stay with food, guide, Japanese jeep

Please contact us for the updated prices. We offer special discount prices for off season tours.


Service in Ulaanbaatar

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