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Detailed Tours Description

1st day

Upon arrival at the airport we will be welcomed by your guide. He will bring us to our comfortable, centrally located hotel.

In the afternoon we will visit the Gandantegchinlen Monastery. It is the largest and most important monastery of Mongolia. We will scroll through the different monasteries, observe the daily rituals of the lamas and see the magnificent statue of Migjid Janraisig, a 82-food high statue gilded in gold and covered with silk cloths.

In the evening enjoy a welcome diner in a local restaurants.

(Hotel, L, D)

2nd day

After a good breakfast at our hotel restaurant we will depart for Hovsgol aimag (province). During this two-days trip by mini-van we will cover a total distance of 800 km through the central region of Mongolia.

We will drive through the magnificent landscape of green grasslands and rolling hills of central Mongolia. On the road we will see many herds of horses, cows, yaks, sheep and goats.

In the evening we will set up our camp on a nice spot along the road to the North. (Camping, B, L, D).

3rd day

After a second day of driving we will arrive at the wranglers' family. We will put up our camp next to the gers of the family.

(Camping, B, L, D).

4th day

Today we will meet our Mongolian horses. Being 1.40 meter high they are often taken by Europeans as ponies. Their height is deceiving; they are renowned for their strength, speed and dexterity.

We will take a day trip to get customised to our horses. We will ride along the Egiin River. After our first ride, we will have the time to go fishing or hiking in the area. Please bring you fishing equipment.

(Camping, B, L, D).

5th until 10th day

In the morning of the 5th day, we will leave the wranglers' family for our horse trip to the north. During the whole trip we will be supported by horsemen and packhorses. The horsemen will be responsible for the horses and, being from the region, they will be our guides. On the way we will visit many gers and experience the nomadic life of Central Asia. Our translator will help us to forge contact with the local population.

We will cover about 25 to 30 km a day. During the first four days we will follow the Egiin River, which flows out of Hovsgol Lake. Then, for two more days, we will ride along the western shore of the lake enjoying the view over the Mongolian blue pearl.

Hovsgol Lake is a huge 2760 square km alpine lake (130 km in length and 30 km in width), surrounded by mountain chains of more than 2000 meters high, thick pine forests and lush meadow with grazing yaks and horses. More than 100 small rivers and streams feed the lake with crystal clear water. Water exits the lake through only one river, the Egiin, whose waters eventually reach the Baikal Lake. The lake contains about 1.5% of the world's fresh water (excluding water contained in the icecaps).

The lake and rivers are full of fish. Around a dozen species of fish inhabit the lake and rivers. The most well known are the sturgeon, grayling, lennok, salmon, taimon, etc. As our horsemen are fishing fans, you will have many opportunities to go fishing. Please bring your fishing equipment or buy it in Ulaanbaatar.

(Camping, B, L, D)

11th day

We will have a full day rest at the lake.

(Hotel, B, L, D)

12th day

After breakfast we will drive to Murun, capital city of Hovsgol province.

(Hotel, B, L, D)

13th day

We will fly back to Ulaanbaatar.

(Hotel, B, L, D)

14th day

Today we will have a full free day to stroll around in Ulaanbaatar, to visit some museums or to buy some souvenirs before heading back home.

In the evening we will have a far well dinner in one of Ulaanbaatar's best restaurant.

(Hotel, B, D)

15th day

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for departure

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  • Budget Trips: tented camp, cook, food, guide, Russian mini van

  • Normal Trips: ger camp stay with food, guide, Russian mini van

  • Luxury Trips: ger camp stay with food, guide, Japanese jeep

Please contact us for the updated prices. We offer special discount prices for off season tours.


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