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1st day

Upon arrival at the airport we will be welcomed by your guide. He will bring us to your comfortable, centrally located hotel.

In the afternoon we will see our 4WD vehicles. We will have a test drive in Khachuurt. On the way we will have a stop over at Zaisan Memorial, build by the Russians to commemorate unknown soldiers from different wars. Located on a Southern hill of Ulaanbaatar, we will be able to enjoy an excellent view of the capital and the surrounding countryside.

In the evening enjoy a welcome diner in one of the best restaurants of Ulaanbaatar. (Hotel, L, D)

2nd day

After breakfast in our hotel restaurant we will pack the 4WD veicles and leave Ulaanbaatar for the countryside. We will drive 7 hours westwards to reach end of the day Kharkhorin, also called Karakorin, site of the 13th century capital of the Mongolian Empire created by Chinggis Khan. Very little is left from this legendary city. In the 16th century, Mongolia's biggest Monastery was build from the ruins of Kharkhorin. Now Erdene Zuu Monastery is all that remains of what once was a huge monastery of 100 temples and about 1.000 lamas residencing there.

Overnight in a ger camp

(Ger Camp, B, L, D).

3rd day

After breakfast we will explore the grounds of Erdene Zuu Monastery surrounded by its massive 400 m X 400 m walls. We will be guided around the 3 remaining temples: Dalai Lama, Zuu of Buddha and Lavrin Temple. We will also see the Turtle Rock and the Phallic Rock.

Today we will leave the asphalt road behind us, for real countryside roads. Our first stop will be north of Kharkhorin, at the ruins of the Khar Balgas Citadel. It was founded in 751 as the capital of the Uiighur khanate. Today only fragments of the outer walls and the Buddhist stupa remain.

After our visit of Khar Balgas Citadel we will head for Ogiin Lake, a beautiful Mongolian lake.

After a short break at the lake, we drive further northwards to Ulzit village, a little typical Mongolian countryside village. Totally we will drive about 150 km.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

4th day

From Ulzit we will do a turn westwards and drive over Deliin Davaa Pass. The road will become really tough. On the road to Deliin Davaa Pass, we will cross our first river, the Khunui River. Of course, no bridge to make the crossing easy.

After the river we will drive further north to Tsetserleg village, passing by Erdenemandel village and Jargalant village. On the way we'll pass our second river, Khanui River.

We'll set up our tented camp somewhere close to a small river. We will cover about 200 km today.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

5th day

The big adventure of today will be crossing the large Selenge River by a ferry pulled by the force of the stream. After the river crossing we will drive until the Mongolian bleu pearl, Hovsgol Lake. It is a huge 2.760 square km alpine lake (130 km in length and 30 km in width), surrounded by mountain chains of more than 2000 meters high, thick pine forests and lush meadow with grazing yaks and horses. More than 100 small rivers and streams feed the lake with crystal clear water. Water exits the lake through only one river, the Egiin, whose waters eventually reach the Baikal Lake. The lake contains about 1.5% of the world's fresh water (excluding water contained in the icecaps).

The lake and rivers are full of fish. Around a dozen species of fish inhabit the lake and rivers. The most well known are the sturgeon, grayling, lennok, salmon, taimon, etc.

On the way we will pass Ikh-Uul, Tosentsengel and Moron Village.

We will overnight in a ger camp located along the Western shore of the lake. We will drive about 250 km.

(Ger camp, B, L, D)

6th day

We will spend a full day exploring the lakeshore and surrounding mountains. For those interested they will have the possibility to drive in the impressive high mountains of the area.

(Ger camp, B, L, D)

7th day

After our day rest at the lake, we will set off southwards to reach in the late evening Terkhiin Tasgaan Lake. It is one of the most beautiful lakes of the country. The lake is surrounded by extinct and craterous volcanoes, and was formed by lava flows from a volcanic eruption many millennia ago. As a result of the volcano eruptions the landscape is covered with black volcanic rocks.

On the way we will pass Moron and Jargalant village and drive as much as 300 km.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

8th day

After visiting the area and the volcano in the morning, we will drive eastwards pass Tsetserleg and reach the Tsenger Hot Spring in the eveing. We will enjoy the outside hot water baths. Today we will drive about 200 km.

(Ger camp, B, L, D)

9th day

From the hot springs we will drive further southwards into the Okhon River Valley. Our first stop will be Tovkhon Khiid Monastery. It is a small monastery in the top of a mountain from where you we will enjoy great view on the surrounding forested areas.

From the monastery we will drive further southeast wards, pass Khujirt and camp somewhere on the way to Ogiin Khiid Monastery. We'll drive again about 200 km today.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

10th day

From here we will head for Saigan Ovoo Sum. This little town is located along a small desert river (Ongiin Gol) at the entrance of a beautiful mountainous region. We will reach and enjoy the peace and beauty of the Delger Khangai Mountains. We will explore the ruins of Hoshuu Monastery on one side of the river and the ruins of Ongiin Monastery on the other side of the river. We will hike around in this massive series of rocky hills cut by the river. We will have driven about 150 km today.

(Ger Camp, B, L, D)

11th day

We will rest one full day at this beautiful spot.

(Ger Camp, B, L, D)

12th day

Today we will drive northeast wards. We will pass Sangiin Dalai Nuur. This tiny lake shelters on its island the mighty ruins of a castle that was build here some 300 years ago. Here we will also observe some remarkable bird life. Among others, the Mongolian lark, various species of prey birds, geese and swans come to this spring-fed lake.

Later during the day we will reach the beautiful region of Bag Gazriin Chuluu. It is a huge granite formation in the middle of the Mongolian sandy plane. At the foot of the formation we will visit the remains of a small monastery named Delgeriin Chior.

End of the afternoon we will drive and hike around in the area. We will visit the picturesque ruins of a small monastery that are hidden in a nice little protected valley.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

13th day

After breakfast we will leave for Ulaanbaatar that we will reach after 8 hours of driving. (Hotel, B, L, D)

14th day

We will have a full free day to stroll around in Ulaanbaatar and buy some souvenirs before heading back home.

In the evening we will have a far well dinner in a good restaurant.

(Hotel, B, D)

15th day

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for departure

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