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Day 1 Arrive Ulaan Baatar

Arrive in Ulaan Baatar at any time.

Day 2 Amarbayasgalant Monastery

The tranquil and remote Palace for God's Meditation, or Amarbayasgalant Monastery, is an excellent place to unwind.

Day 3-4 Selenge River

Soak in the beautiful surroundings of the picturesque Selenge River. There is plenty to keep nature lovers occupied.

Day 5-6 Khovsgol Lake

Journey to the pure waters and pristine wilderness of Khovsgol Lake, surrounded by emerald green grasslands dotted with the white 'gers' (traditional tents) of nomads. Swim in the icy waters or hike through the nearby forests.

Day 7-9 Shine Ider/ Great White Lake

Continue across the green hills to Great White Lake. The natural volcanic lake surrounded by rocky mountains provides a surreal landscape in Khorgo. Climb one of the peaks for spectacular views.

Day 10 Tsenher Hot Springs

The small provincial town Tsetserleg, situated in the valley of the Delger River, provides vistas of remote, untouched beauty and a treat in the form of the Tsenher Hot Springs.

Day 11 Bayan Gobi

Walk across the immense steppes accompanied by camels, stay in a ger camp and catch glimpses of the vast Gobi Desert.

Day 12-14 Ulaan Baatar - Naadam Festival

Journey back to the nation's capital for the start of the yearly Naadam Festival. Join in on the fun of this three day festival of wrestling, archery and horse racing. There is plenty of time to stock up on souvenirs or do some last minute exploring.

Day 15 Depart Ulaan Baatar


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