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The Mongolian Naadam Nadam Nadaam Festival

Those of you who have the courage to read this horrible prose hereunder are probably wondering what kind of idiot wrote this. We have a better capacity of writing, of course. You will probably wonder where our motivation is to write so badly. Well, easy, search engines look for correlations between our keywords like horseback riding, Mongolia tour, fly fishing, Taimen and Lenok, trekking, paragliding, fish, China, Tibet, Gobi, Costa Rica and the frequency with which they appear on our travelling page. In this ever-changing cyber world, we need to keep up, I guess.

Use the above links about Mongolia to research Mongolian culutre and opportunities before you travel or before you undertake a trip or tour to the country of Chengiss Khan. You see, here I write culutre instead of culture because people sometimes do miss-type. I could also write Monglia. In French we would say Mongolie or in German Mongolei. (You see, here I go again). So people searching for Mongolia, but typing in Monglia, will most probably end up on my travel page.

Horseback riding was our original interest when we pioneered travel adventures to China, Inner Mongolia, Costa Rica and Tibet. We now offer tours and travel packages of all kinds to discover and travel through Mongolia including camel riding, Quad, trekking, ATV, kite buggy, paragliding, horseback riding, culture, fly fishing (fishing the great salmon fish, the Taimen) , visiting Naadam, the Gobi, Lake Hovsgol (Lake Khovsgol) and the nomadic herders. In Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar, also called Oulan bator or Ulan Batar) we have our own offices. You can also meet us at Chez Bernard Caf�. It is a great place to meet people and have something to drink or eat. Most travellers come here to recount what they all did and saw during their stay in Mongolia. It is a real encounter place in Ulaanbaatar. And the staffs are so friendly and nice.

We are not a travel agent, but an outfitter of travel and adventure tours in Mongolia and Costa Rica. If you want a riding vacation whether a horseback riding trip, a camel riding tour, a Taimen fly fishing adventure; or a jeep riding holiday (holliday for the bad writers), we'll be glad to create a travel adventure for you. Always keep in mind that travelling is Mongolia is a great adventure and big fun.

In China and Tibet remember you can combine two adventures and do both horseback riding trips in just two weeks of travel. A China horseback riding vacation or a Tibet horseback riding tour is just the thing for beginners or experienced equestrian travellers. An equestrian vacation horseback riding in, China, Tibet, Costa Rica or Mongolia is a great way to have a guided tour or trip in Central Asia.

I could go on like that much longer writing nonsense. But I have to put en and somewhere to this text like you have to put an end one day to your vacation in Mongolia. Whatever you do as activity in Mongolia, horse riding, camel riding or fly fishing one day your trip will end and you will have to fly back home, with Aeroflot, MIAT or Air China. Those who have more time will take the trans-Siberian train, from Ulaanbaatar to Moscow or to Beijing (we say Pkin in French).

So sorry for all this writing. But if it attracts more people to my travel page and brings in people travelling to Mongolia, Im happy. The more people come to discover this great country, the better for the Mongolian population.

See you around in Central Asia and Costa Rica


Here we go again... Some more Text...


Happy Camel Tours and Expeditions offers the most wonderful holiday tours and trips to Mongolia and invites you to travel Mongolia and enjoy wonderful adventure tours, nature tours, eco tours and culture trips in Mongolia. We offer trips like trekking and climbing tours in the Mongolian Altai, fishing the Mongolian rivers, horseback trekking in Central and Cultural Mongolia, camel riding tours in the Mongolia Gobi Desert.

You can also visit the hospitable nomads in Mongolia, visit Buddhist monasteries of Mongolia, tour to Reindeer people of Mongolia, Shamanism (the shamans) travel in Mongolia. Visit also the ancient capital of Mongolia, Karakorum (also called Karakorin), site of the 13th century capital of the Mongolian Empire created by Chinggis Khan. Very little is left from this legendary city. In the 16th century, Mongolia's biggest Monastery was build from the ruins of Kharkhorin. Now Erdene Zuu Monastery is all that remains of what once was a huge monastery of 100 temples and about 1.000 lamas residencing there. Explore the grounds of Erdene Zuu Monastery surrounded by its massive 400 m X 400 m walls. We will be guided around the 3 remaining temples: Dalai Lama, Zuu of Buddha and Lavrin Temple. We will also see the Turtle Rock and the Phallic Rock.

You will also travel to the Khogno Khan Mountains, close to the Tasarkhai Els Sand Dunes or you will travle to the Orkhon waterfalls, which is located in the Orkhon valley. In Ulaanbaatar you will visit the Bogd Khan's Winter Palace. Other atractions are the beautiful gorges of the imposing Altai Mountain Chain. We will pass through the Yoliin Am and the Dungenee Am both located in the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park. You may catch a glimpse of the wild Argali sheep, the Ibex, the desert gazelles or the Golden Eagles. Next stay will be the Khongoriin Els Sand Dunes, after what we will travel to  Bayanzag. Bayanzag also known as the ?Flaming Cliffs? is the worldwide renowned place where palaeontologist Roy Chapman Andrews found dinosaur bones and eggs. To end the trip we will head for Saigan Ovoo Sum. This little town is located along a small desert river (Ongiin Gol) at the entrance of a beautiful mountainous region. A little further southward along the river, we will find Hoshuu (Khoshuu) Monastery.

To the North you will travel to the Mongolia Lake Huvsgul (Hovsgol Lake), Darkhad valley and many more tours. Tourists also love our historical tours about Genghis Khan and other Central Asian empires tours in Mongolia. Our Mongolian trips are excellent and our customers travel to Mongolia every year with us. Besides all these tours in Mongolia, our Mongolian Naadam Festival tour is definitely the highlight of our Mongolia trip. You will admire the Mongolian people's wrestling, horse racing and archery competitions and traditional costumes of Mongolia. We also offer tours to China and Russia besides our Mongolia tours. You can travel Mongolia, Russia and China at one travel on our renowned Trans-Siberian tours. You can travel to Mongolia via China, Tibet, Costa Rica and Russia. Your Mongolia travel will be the most unforgettable tour of your lifetime.

 Mongolia will surprise you...





 Mongolia, the ancient realm of Genghis Khan, has emerged from the shadow  of Communism and is now open to the world.  To begin your travel to discover  the history, culture and people of Mongolia, click on some of the links below.
Mongolia travel is one of today's best kept travel secrets and most rewarding destinations for adventurous travelers.

We will organize your dream holiday tours at the most professional level whether it is active adventures including horse or camel riding, mountain climbing or trekking, fishing, fly-fishing, cultural to historical like festivals, nomadic lifestyle experiencing, and wildlife safari to bird watching and many more.

By jeep, on foot, or on horseback, the natural wonders of Mongolia rival any in the world.  Roam the dry washes of the Gobi famous for dinosaur bones or watch the Naadam festival; horse racing, wrestling and archery.

Travel to the ancient times of the great states once prospered in Central Asia and their memorials. This wonderful trip give you the opportunity to get to know more about Mongolia, its history and Genghis Khan. You wont only visit the historical sites, but also will visit beautiful natural sites and hospitable nomads.

Siberia's magnificent landscapes, the pristine Lake Baikal, Russia and the shamanic Buryats await you. Mongolia's the world's last untouched wilderness and is home to nomadic people, glacial mountains and golden dunes of the Gobi desert. Take this fantastic trip to explore Central Asia's treasures at one travel!

Travel to Mongolia for experience the truly fantastic Naadam Festival and visit happy nomads in the mysterious Gobi desert of Mongolia, and then head to the Top of the World - the Holy Tibet to explore the sites of compassionate Buddhism and meet the tolerant Tibetan folks.

Mongolia is a vast land of picturesque nature, nomadic people and unique culture. Share the nomads' joy and happiness at the Nomads' Day festival. Landscape and cultural sightseeing blend in Mongolia - you will visit nomadic families and see their lifestyle, remote Buddhist monasteries and ride a horse.

One of the interests in travelling in this country is the discovery of the nomadic lifestyle. On the edge of the 21-st century, It remains one of the few countries to retain its ancient traditions. Come and visit Mongolia, the land of eternal blue skies and majestic green mountains. The name ''Mongolia'' has always stirred up visions of the untamed and exotic Genghis Khan, camels wandering in the Gobi Desert and wild horses galloping across the steppes.



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